Acting Workshops

Six Week
Twelve Week
Twentyfour Week

In Our Acting Workshops

First experience in front of camera is very special.The thrill of facing Camera is beyond words. Every passionate actor starts his/her journey with a lot of hope and aspiration while giving his/her first shot. It is so much important to prepare for that moment.


Basic workshop of 6 weeks draws together a group of young aspiring actors who want to learn basics of acting and gear themselves for pursuing acting career. All the classes provide quick and dynamic learning in all the aspects of acting skills. This workshop enables the young aspiring talents to rediscover themselves as professional actors. Their zeal, dedication and discipline will ensure their success as future actors. MyFIrsttake workshop not only teaches them acting skills but most importantly it imbibes a deep sense of professional discipline in them.

Duration: 1st Week

- Language

Timing: Each 2hours
Duration: 2nd Week

Techniques of

Timing: Each 2hours
Duration: 3rd Week

Techniques of:
- understanding a Scenes and follow the direction.
-Preparing for a scenes

Timing: Each 2hours
Duration: 4th Week

Mock performances and discussions.

Timing: Each 2hours
Duration: 5th Week

Preparation for final performance and open forum for discussion.

Timing: Each 2hours
Duration: 6th Week

Come and join this beautiful journey of first take. This will transform you from an actor to a performer.

Timing: Each 2hours


Acting Techniques
This module equips an actor to transform to different characters like, comedy, emotional, negative, positive etc. It explains and demonstrates the techniques and methods in detail. This enables the talents to over come their fear of expression and inhabitation to perform.


It helps the students to correct their voice pitch and regional dialects. It imbibes good vocal habits. Voice clarity includes clarity of words, punctuations and phonetics.


Voice modulation becomes effective only with correct diction and pronunciations. Every word should be pronounced with correct diction. This is the core area of acting. Myfirsttake helps students to overcome their wrong diction and guides them to perfection.


This is the most vital area which needs focus and concentration. Myfirsttake enables them to learn the techniques to face camera in different shots. This requires them to carefully study and understand the importance of lighting and mark.


This vital area opens up the students as actors. It involves group discussions, script reading and mock performances. Self-evaluation method helps them to be more correct for the performance.


MYFIRSTTAKE invites professional stage/TV actors to interact with students. This enhances their knowledge and technique. Guest artist will also demonstrate various techniques, share his/her experiences and help the students to sharpen their skills. Scientifically explains and demonstrates the students how to prepare for a scene. This module deals with all the aspects like, mood of the scene, emotions, pitchy, reaction and camera movements for the execution of the scene. It also makes the students understand the importance of the story and screenplay before and during shooting for a scene.


To deliver a good scene to perfection students should know the importance of physical movements and mannerisms. It decorates a well performed scene. It requires understanding of movements during the scene.


For an actor camera is GOD. Knowing various types of shots like, close, OTS, Trolley shot, Crane shot is a must.


After going through extensive program of workshop, students now get to perform a scene in combination and solo. MYFiRSTTAKE helps them for their final performance in association of a professional director.


MYFIRSTTAKE will take the first step for the talents for their future endeavour. The students will be given links of various casting directors and production houses.
Straight after the workshop they can pursue their dream career with confidence.

12 Week

Over a period of three months, this workshop is a specialized in acting training in all its relevant areas, like, action and choreography. The students are trained in a variety of classes which enhances their knowledge of acting techniques and style. This workshop concentrates more intensively in the foundation of acting, using techniques and trains them with professional directors, action directors, choreographers, make up and hair artists. Professional actors will train them to take on the acting career with confidence and case. This workshop will have their performances reviewed in an open forum with actors, directors and cameramen. Students get to learn perform simultaneously. This will have them trained with different techniques of performances with ease.

Duration: 4 Week

Advance acting fiesta.This will be conducted by different actors of television/stage.Students will get rare chance to go through practical training with them. These actors will perform with them.

Timing: Each 2hours Each Week
Duration: 4 Week

This will be a crucial training with different directors of television/stage. Their expertise will guide the aspiring actors to take on professional direction with camera.

Timing: Each 2hours Each Week
Duration: 4 Week

Aspiring actors will appear for their screen test with professional make up and costumes. They will be performing for their audition links which will be directed by professional directors. Students will get their performance links surely edited by the editors.

Timing: Each 2hours Each Week


Advance acting fiesta
In this module, actors will be taught voice modulation, diction, speech clarity and pitch. It’s very important for an actor to have a clear speech with correct pronunciation and diction. This training will be conducted by professional actors to make the students overcome their diction and dialect issues. Often non-hindi speaking students have their mother tongue dialect in hindi. A competent actor overcomes these flaws. Students get to analyse various monologues, dialogues from Films/tv which later helps them in their dialogue delivery. These guest actors will perform with them to overcome their fear and inspire them to observe and react.


Director is captain of the ship. Actors must learn to take directions from the director well. Myfirsttake enables the students to get trained with professional director to perform. Various aspects of direction, along with the requirement of scene have to be understood well by the actor. In this programme, director will direct them for scenes and will analyse the performance of the students in an interactive forum. Group discussions and self-appraisals are essential areas for the betterment of the students. Their expertise will guide the aspiring actors to take on professional direction with the director. Preparation for a scene will have an additional expert touch with directors.



This is an integral part of acting. Actors without the knowledge of camera find it very difficult to perform. Various nuances concerning camera, like movement with trolley shot, facing in two shots, body stance in OTS etc are an essential area of Acting. Significance of movement mark and lighting, understanding the shot breakdown, avoiding shadow are the core areas of camera training. MyFIRSTTAKE will guide the students with professional cameraman to learn and experience the feel of camera. In this module actors get the chance of practical training with camera and a professional cameraman. Aspiring actors will appear for their screen test in this programme. They will be given scripts and will get the chance to perform various scenes. This will include their individual audition links, which will be edited and given to them as their show reel. This will be shot by professional directors and cameramen. Students will have a review forum jointly with cameraman and director.
This will enable them to face camera with self-confidence. The expert sessions will enhance their knowledge and will also get a chance to interact with industry professionals. This experience gives them the strength to perform with ease and stability.


With their audition links and show reels, the aspiring talents can straight away approach the professional casting directors and production houses. New horizons will be embrace them with arms.

24 Week

In this myfirsttake dynamic workshop offers group exercise, improvisations, monologues and scene studies. This method helps students to sharpen their skills in interpreting scripts. This module sets the professional base for the students. This workshop is totally dynamic. This is comprehensive workshop with special training in action and dance.

Duration: 8 Week

Detailed techniques of performance with inter active open forum with professional actors from television/stage/films. Acting training with camera and lights.

Timing: Each 2hours Each Week
Duration: 8 Week

Detailed techniques of performance with inter active open forum with professional actors from television/stage/films. Acting training with camera and lights.

Timing: Each 2hours Each Week
Duration: 8 Week

4 Week & 4 Week

Action directors will teach techniques of professional action scenes to the aspiring actors. Concluding four weeks will be their final performances. Their performances will be professionally shot by the media professionals. There will be an evaluation open forum of the performances with actors/directors Their screen test links will be given after professional editing

Timing: Each 2hours Each Week


This programme is extensive and completely interactive. Panel of professional actors will take charge of students grooming. Every detail of voice modulation speech and diction and voice control will be groomed. This includes scene preparation, dialogue rehersals, body movements and most importantly expressions. Use of eyes, Facial gestures, physical gestures, use of props will be demonstrated by professional actors. Students get to practically perform with them to gain experience. Most importantly they will groom students to professional discipline and culture. An actor should know the importance of observation and reactions. Transformation to the character being played will be demonstrated. Power of expression will be taught by the actors to the students. Comprehensive script and dialogue reading will be regular exercise. This will enable the students to deliver their dialogues effectively. This programme will also have directors and cameramen to teach them shoot techniques.


Dancing skills are very important, as there are many opportunities in commercials opportunities are wide in music videos and musicals which require good dancing skills with expressions. Dance training help students to control their body movements. In this module choreographers will groom the students to commercial dancing. This will be an additional feature. A dancing actor is any body’s delight.


As the name suggests, this module will have good action training from action directors. A fight sequence featuring on screen has a lot of technique. Actor should have a knowledge of action for camera. They will refer to a few action scenes of the films and demonstrate the techniques. Students get to learn this very special and important feature.


In the concluding module, the aspiring actors will perform for their own show reels. Students will be professionally directed by director. It will be shot by professional cameraman. Students get to face camera and perform professionally. Their respective show reel will be edited and given to them. We take a step ahead. In this programme we have guest actors/directors coming and reviewing their show reels.


Successful aspiring actors will not have to wait for their chance to act in serials. My firsttake takes firsta step to refer all the aspiring actors to important casting directors and production houses.
Enter the glamour world with confidence and explore your dream. Being an actor sets you free to express yourself. Myfirsttake will help you reach there. Come and join.